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Classic Eight

by Amy E. Witting

Dark secrets, old wounds, crazy women, and complicated relationships interrupt a quiet night in an Upper West Side apartment.  August 2013

The Eight:

Reindeer Monologues

by Jeff Goode

When Santa Claus is accused of terrible crimes, each of his reindeer comes forward to reveal the dark side of the North Pole.  December 2012


Dead Man's Cell Phone

By Sarah Ruhl


A dead man in a cafe. A phone that won't stop ringing. And a woman who will stop at nothing to make everything right- for everyone. Secrets and mysteries emerge from every corner in this dark comedy about the curious ways technology controls our relationships with each other.  June 2014




Bea Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

By Joe Tracz

By day, they work at Kinko’s. But by night, this group of friends gathers together to re-enact the adventures of King Arthur in a live fantasy roleplaying game.

When the women of the group decide they’d rather re-enact the female-driven fantasy adventures of the Golden Girls, tensions mount and genders clash as the players struggle to hold onto their fantasies in the face of mundane reality. March 2015



Chatting with the Tea Party

By Rich Orloff


In this documentary-style play, a New York liberal playwright travels around the country (including Wisconsin!) interviewing leaders of local Tea Party groups, to get to know people whose political beliefs are diametrically opposed to his.


In a journey that’s at times disturbing, humorous, moving, and always thought-provoking, the playwright discovers not only how and if he can affect the people he meets, but also how they may be influencing him.


Everything the interviewees say in the play comes directly from the interviews. Staged reading, September 2014



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