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The MadCap 24-hour Play Festival

Mark your calendars for the next edition of the MadCap 24-Hour Play Festival, September 2nd-3rd, 2022.


In case you haven't been able to join us for past festivals, here is the plan:
A brave group of playwrights sets out on a Friday night to write 10-minute plays with prompts they will be given when they arrive. The next morning, an adventurous group of actors and directors works together to stage the new work and presents it for an audience that night.

The show takes place at


Paradigm Coffee and Music

1202 N. 8th St.

Sheboygan, WI

Tickets $15 ($10 with student ID)


Note: as the plays have not been written yet, there is no way of guessing what language or other content they might contain. Usually there's something that people wouldn't show their kids, but we usually save mature content for after intermission.

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